Sunday, 20 November 2016

KIKO Nail Polish Collection (w/ Swatches)



 Hello everyone!

I admit it. I am a nail polish addict. I have a crazy amount considering I only have 1 pair of hands. One of my favourite brands is KIKO. Their polishes last for ages (on me most varnishes will only last a day or two before chipping). KIKO also have so many colours and formulas plus they are super affordable too !

I'm not going to name and describe all the colours i have because we would be here for ages. I have included swatches and a few pictures showing you them all but my two favourites are the ones shown below.

 This is the shade 303. I love this one because it's such a pretty rose gold colour. I wear this one so much.

 This is the shade 530. This is a deep turquoise with green specks of glitter running through it. I haven't worn this colour much but I love how I don't have any other nail polish like it.

Let me know your favourite brand and shade of nail polish in the comments. Like I need any more!

Love Courtney x

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