Monday, 13 February 2017

Valentine's Day Nail Art

Hello everyone!

Last week I did a Valentine's Day eye makeup tutorial and this week I have another Valentine's inspired post. This time in the form of nail art. I am by no means a professional at nail art, it's just something I enjoy doing. So I wanted to give you some last minute ideas if you want to have Valentine's Day themed nails.

The first one is a love letter. For this you will need a white nail polish, a black nail art pen and a red nail art pen. To do this love letter design paint your nails an opaque white. Then use the black to create the lines shown in the picture. Finally draw on a small, red love heart. This is so easy and super cute.

The next one is inspired by Gossip Girl (which I just started watching and I love it.) All you need for this is a light pink polish and a white nail art pen. Once you have a pink base just draw on the x's and o's and you're done. 

The next design I am going to show you is a classic lips design. For this you will need a muted purple/grey polish, a red polish and a black nail art pen. Paint your nails an opaque colour using the purple toned grey polish. Then draw on the lips. Mine looked like a squashed love heart but then I outlined it with the black nail art pen and it looked slightly better so don't worry if it doesn't look right at first.

I love this next one as it's not typically Valentine's themed as it doesn't have any red or pink but it still has a heart in it. For this you will need a navy blue polish and a white nail art pen. Once you have an opaque blue base, draw on the white heart with the pen and fill it in. 


 This last design is very different from the previous one. It is very pink and just screams Valentine's Day. For this you will need a bright red polish, a vibrant pink polish, a baby pink polish and a sparkly pink glitter. To do this design paint your whole nail with the bright red. Then go over that with the vibrant pink leaving a gap at either side so you can see the red underneath. Repeat the same process with the baby pink. Finally stripe of the pink glitter down the centre of the nail.

So there is 5 easy nail art ideas perfect for Valentine's Day. Let me know in the comments if you will be using any of these ideas. See you soon!

Love Courtney xoxo

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