Sunday, 25 December 2016

#BloggersSecretSanta - Ally

Hello everyone!

So I have been taking part in the #BloggersSecretSanta event which was organised by the lovely Teenella. (@realteenella on Twitter) The whole point of this event (can you really call it an event?! I don’t know!) is to write an appreciation post for another blogger than you may not even know. I thought this was a really good idea as most secret santas are about exchanging actual presents but this one is all about finding other bloggers and writing about all the good things about them and their blogs. My blogger than I was given to write an appreciation post for was Ally! I had never heard of Ally’s blog so I was very excited to find another blog to read and enjoy.

Ally is 13 years old and she lives in America. Her blog is As well as having a blog she also has a Youtube channel where she posts videos about dance and challenges with her sister, Lexi who is 11. Ally often posts short, quick updates which I like as sometimes I don’t have time to sit and read super long rambly posts.

Another thing I like about Ally’s blog is the way she writes. She will often write as she thinks. For example:

“Talk to you guys soon!

*10 minutes later*

Oh wait, I remembered what I wanted to say!”

I really like this style of writing because most bloggers, I know I do, sit and try and think about what they want to say. But they will just carry the post on as one piece of writing. When Ally adds in those parts where she is thinking about what she is going to write it makes it seem more realistic.

One post which Ally did that I enjoyed was her 'A Day In My Life' post. I like that she went into depth about what she did on a typical school day and can I just add that I could never start school at 8am! Or have dance class for 4 hours!

Another post that I really liked was ‘My Photography’. I love taking pictures and seeing other people’s pictures so this post was right up my street. This post included pictures that Ally had taken on her trip to New York and they were so good.

I mentioned before that Ally has a Youtube channel. She has posted some dance videos which I really liked. She is such a good dancer. She also posted some videos with her younger sister Lexi and from their videos together they seem to get on really well. However if they are anything like my siblings and I they don’t get on that well all the time!

I tried to find out if Ally has a Twitter or Instagram but she mentioned in a blog post that she doesn’t. Although she did say that she has a Her username is @ally_rumbaugh. She has quite a few’s on her profile (I don’t know if that’s the proper name for it) and they’re really good.

Although Ally doesn’t have her own Twitter she co-runs a Twitter account and occasionally writes for another blog called Simply My Life. I think it’s crazy how she can write for her own blog, write for Simply My Life, run her Youtube channel, go to dance class and attend school. I could never do all that!

Love Courtney x

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